Types of Sexual Harassment in California

There are two types of harassment: a hostile work environment, and “quid pro quo” harassment. The first type of harassment- hostile work environment- consists of a workplace that hurts the victim. This can be a workplace setting of any type, where fellow employees make lewd gestures, have inappropriate physical contact or groping, send erotic or pornographic messages, e-mails and posters, say sexually suggestive comments, and various other things of the same nature. The other type of sexual harassment is known as Quid Pro Quo harassment, or a tangible employer action. This type of sexual harassment is instigated by a superior, supervisor, or a boss, and it can consist of unwanted physical contact like groping, grabbing or poking, verbal sexual advances, threats for termination and demotion if no sexual favors are granted, and many other actions like these.

These two types of sexual harassment cover the broad spectrum of incidents and indiscretions that may occur to a victim in the workplace. Another important factor that needs to be mentioned is that sexual harassment does not only occur in the victim’s workplace, but also any other environment where the company has elected to send its employees, such as a workshop or a retreat, and the individual inflicting the harassment may belong to another company.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment at work, unfortunately, happens more often than companies would like to admit, and their impact on employees is significant. That’s why the team of legal experts at Sexual Harassment Attorney Group has years of experience dealing with one type of workplace harassment: sexual harassment. Oftentimes the victims of sexual harassment do not know they have been sexually harassed, or they are intimidated into keeping quiet, but we work hard to bring justice to those who have been mistreated this way in the workplace.

California Sexual Harassment Law

According to the laws legislated  by the United States, bullying in the workplace, discrimination in the workplace, and harassment in the workplace are all illegal, and often fall under the same category. To help better identify sexual harassment, the law places sexual harassment into two distinct types of situations that not only apply to the victim’s co-workers and fellow employees, but also to those that the victim comes into professional contact with in the workplace, like an independent contractor or a guest speaker. Another important concession the law makes is that sexual harassment consists not only of physical abuse, but also verbal abuse.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys For You

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