Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer, Daniel King.


Have you, a loved one, or a close friend been sexually harassed at your workplace or another location with a professional capacity? Then put your employee harassment rights in the hands of Daniel King, a renowned California sexual harassment attorney who has personally handled hundreds of cases with sensitive subject matter and successfully represented hundreds of clients over his entire 13-year career. With the latest in legal techniques and intuitive legislative acumen, Mr. King is uniquely qualified to represent you or your loved ones in open court.

While cases involving sexual harassment require a certain delicate sensitivity, Mr. King is always considerate of his clients, and does not invoke any further trauma or harm to anyone that he represents. Sexual Harassment trials can be a daunting proposition, but Daniel King can help you proceed at your own comfortable pace in every step of the way, from start to successful finish.

Being a graduate of UC Berkeley and the Southwestern School of Law, Mr. King’s legal education and practice were honed in some of the most cutting-edge and competitive environments in order to better help his clients receive the justice and compensation they deserve.

Serving the greater San Francisco, Los Angeles plus Orange County areas, and other major cities within, Mr. King is willing and able to assist unfortunate individuals in their time of need. Mr. King takes most cases on a contingency fee basis so that inability to pay for a top-notch sexual harassment lawyer does not ever get in your way of seeking justice. If you suffer a professional indiscretion of this magnitude, there is no one better to call than Daniel King.

Contact him at (888) 759-1274 today and schedule a consultation or ask him for legal advice.

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