Surprising Sexual Harassment Cases

Although it is the 21st Century, some stereotypes are still making the rounds, and people are still being hurt by the conclusions they imply. Fortunately, the legal team at the Sexual Harassment Attorney Group does not stand by idly while individuals of both genders are being discriminated against or harassed in the workplace. With years of experience handling hundreds of cases with sensitive subjects like sexual harassment, the lawyers of this prestigious firm are uniquely qualified in this area. Working with private individuals as well as class-action lawsuits involving multiple people, we can help anyone who has been the victim of employment discrimination and workplace bullying.


Sexual Harassment and Gender discrimination in the workplace

Even though people may believe that sexual harassment happens under the most outlying circumstances possible, the truth is that bullying in the workplace can happen to any person, under a wide variety of situations. Another common misconception about sexual harassment is that the only victims of it are female, when in reality male discrimination in the workplace and sexual harassment for men is a persistent problem, especially because it goes unreported on most occasions. Sexual male harassment at work is an all-too-common problem, even though it is completely advisable and a right for any sexually harassed male to seek legal counsel and take legal action against any individual or party that has inflicted this upon him.


Male Rights Regarding Sexual Harassment

Any sexual harassment lawyer who is intricately knowledgeable about the law regarding this same subject knows that men and women both have the same rights, privileges, and limitations that are not gender or case specific under the law. While it may seem as though men have to prove more damage or work under a harsher code, this is not true. Among some of the most common complaints and grievances men file against their employers are age discrimination and objectification of sorts. This can include both Quid Pro Quo Harassment as well as hostile work environment harassment. Quid Pro Harassment consists of any of the following offenses: solicitation of sexual favors for continued employment or promotion, unwanted or inappropriate physical contact like grabbing, poking or groping, and many more. A hostile work environment is made of the combined sexually suggestive phrases or comments, unwanted or inappropriate intentional physical contact of a sexual nature, erotic or pornographic messages, posters, memos, or e-mails, and various other things of this nature.

Location and Restrictions of Sexual Harassment

Unlike other harassment types, sexual harassment can occur at any time and in any location that is related to the company in a professional capacity. This can include a company retreat, a workshop, or any other location in which the company has sanctioned or required their employees attend for any purpose. A victim of sexual harassment can also be accosted by any individual that they come into contact with in a professional manner for any period of time, whether it is temporary or daily, and can include an individual that does not pertain to the same company as the victim, such as a delivery person, a guest speaker, or a workshop director. As such, sexual harassment is possible from anyone anywhere.

Protecting Men’s Employee Rights in California

If you, a fellow employee, or a relative have been sexually assaulted by anyone who you have come into professional contact with in the workplace or an associated location, regardless whether you are male or female, contact the legal experts at Sexual Harassment Attorney Group right away to begin building up your case. Feel free to call us at (888) 759-1274 and speak to a legal professional today about your or your co-worker’s incident. Or, send us an email by clicking this link and requesting a callback or an in-house appointment with one of our attorney advisors.