Workplace Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

With newer enterprises and more employees needed more than ever in the growing economy, different people of both genders are needed to staff prestigious companies. Unfortunately, this can occasionally lead to professional indiscretions of a sexual nature against a fellow co-worker of the opposite or even same gender. However, the sexual harassment attorneys, and employment attorneys from Sexual Harassment Attorney Group are here to bring the victims of gender discrimination in the workplace the justice they deserve. With years and years of experience dealing with this sensitive subject, they have successfully represented victims in hundreds of employee harassment cases.

Harassment In a California Workplace: Definition

With newer laws and changing regulations that seem to frequently shift from one view to another, the employee harassment laws don’t seem to be affected by shifting legislation. The United States and California State Governments define sexual harassment by two different, yet similar categories: Quid Pro Quo or Employer Harassment, and a Hostile Work Environment. Employee harassment laws are designed to include both genders of people, as well as sexual physical and verbal abuse.  Although much of the harassment at work is inflicted upon victims by a supervisor or boss, much of it also has root in the victim’s fellow co-workers. What victims should know is that sexual harassment does not only come from superiors, but rather employees that share the same rank as the victim. The Harassment Definition conceded by the law states that sexual harassment from a hostile work environment includes but is not limited to: sexually suggestive phrases and comments, inappropriate and intentional physical contact like groping, grabbing and poking, unwanted sexual solicitation of favors or acts, erotic or pornographic messages, e-mails, cartoons and posters, body posture and gesturing of a sexual nature, leering or intense inappropriate looking, along with many others.

Sexual Harassment From Coworkers and/or Management

Even though the victim may not come into frequent contact with other co-workers, it is not only co-workers that are limited to inflicting sexual harassment, but sexual harassment can include other individuals that the victim comes into regular or temporary contact with on a professional basis, even if the perpetrator in question does not belong to the company that the victim works for. Sexual harassment can come from anyone that the victim has been sexually harassed by at the workplace, or some other place that the company has sanctioned or approved of that the victim is allowed or required to be. This means that company workshops, retreats, and other locations can fit the legal requirement for a sexual harassment suit, and anyone including delivery people, guest speakers or teachers, workshop directors or assistants, and many others can also be indicted for sexual harassment. Just because the victim does not know or participate with the harasser does not mean that there no sexual harassment has actually occurred.

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If you or someone you know such as a fellow employee or relative has been sexually harassed in any way, shape or form at the workplace or some other professional environment, then immediately contact the legal experts at Sexual Harassment Attorney Group to seek the justice and compensation you or they deserve that can be provided by a sexual harassment lawyer from our firm. Feel free to call us at (888) 759-1274  to speak with one of our legal advisors about your possible case and potential lawsuit. Or, send us an email by clicking on this link and sending us a message that includes details about the incident that has occurred at your or your associate’s workplace. With Sexual Harassment Attorney Group defending your workplace rights, you have nothing to worry about.