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If you or a loved one has suffered a professional indiscretion that can best be described as sexual harassment, then don’t hesitate and call the attorneys at one of California’s premier labor and employment law firms. We’ve been successfully representing clients against fellow employees and employers for years in hundreds of cases, and one of our top lawyers for sexual harassment can represent you, too. Starting to take legal action can feel daunting, but the professionals working for you are experienced litigators who have helped clients through every step of the legal system, and they can help you, too. First, speak to one of our attorneys about the events that have led to your sexual harassment, and we will review the details with you to ensure that you have a case.

Once it is determined that there is suitable evidence for a case, we will proceed in the manner that benefits you the most, whether it is an out-of-court settlement or a full court trial, and we will be with you at all times, advising and counseling you. We know that cases of this nature are highly sensitive, but allow us to work for you and fight for your right to a hostility-free workplace and peace of mind. Our Criminal attorneys and sexual assault lawyers are ready to help you receive the justice you deserve. Call us today and speak with one of our sexual harassment attorneys to build your potential case and demand the compensation you are owed.

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What Is Sexual Harassment in California?

The judicial system defines sexual harassment as one of two types of incidents. The first is what’s known as a hostile work environment, which is the grouping of all hostile actions within a workplace to an employee. This means that any singular or multiple actions taken against an individual, the general mood being against an individual, or any other employee, vendor, supervisor or employer having inappropriate conversations or touching the victim of sexual harassment. The second type of sexual harassment recognized is that of a tangible employment action.  This type of sexual harassment comes about exclusively from one individual who has power and say over his employees, like a supervisor, boss or direct employer. This sexual harassment is usually more direct and can involve a number of things like inappropriate touching or groping, pornographic images and erotic messages, or sexually suggestive comments and conversations. There are all valid grievances for sexual harassment.

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Who Can Be Sexually Harassed?

According to all legislation in the United States, any individual can file a claim for a sexual harassment lawsuit. This includes but is not limited to: men, women, children, transgender men, transgender women, and individuals who don’t identify with conventional gender and non-binary orientation. This means that literally anyone who has been sexually harassed, regardless of age, sexual orientation and lifestyle can file a grievance and take legal action against those who have acted illegally towards them. Worried that your legal status in this country means that you cannot claim justice in the court system? Legal residents, non-citizens and those individuals who are in the United States on worker and student visas also have the right to justice and a workplace harassment attorney, as they are protected by immigration laws just like any natural citizen of this country.

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Blurred Lines — Guilty or Innocent?

Many previous clients who we have had the distinct privilege of representing in the past have often blamed themselves or attributed the fault to their behavior or way of dressing. We’re here to tell you that sexual harassment is in no way the victim’s fault, and the blame lies entirely with the perpetrator of the crime in question.  Even in cases where sexual suggestions were thought to be expressly consented to or implied, victims were compensated and the defendants were indicted of the charges brought against them. So if you are or have been sexually harassed because of the way you dressed or the way you spoke or any other factor that is not forbidden in the workplace, you can be sure we’ll represent you in any courtroom.

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A Guide to California’s Sexual Harassment Laws

In today’s modern and constantly changing workplace environment, you need experienced litigators that understand the constant ebb and flow of the legal landscape and can adapt to new precedents while having knowledge of old ones.  First introduced with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment has evolved in many ways that are different from the initial protection from discrimination against an individual because of gender.  Now, with the advent of various new technologies such as cellular phones and the internet, these laws have changed according to the times, and sexual harassment in the workplace lawyers know exactly how to deal with these bylaws.

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