Sexual Harassment in Today’s Modern Workplace

Employee Harassment in the workplace is at an all-time low thanks to progressive legislation and considerate employers. However, there are still cases being reported where employee harassment from a manager still occurs, and with alarming frequency. Fortunately for the victim of an employee rights harassment, the legal teams at Sexual Harassment Attorney Group have decades of experience handling sensitive cases in which victims were sexually harassed. Having successfully represented hundreds of victims in these types of cases, they can defend your employee harassment rights to the fullest extent of the law.

What is Manager-Employee Harassment?

Under the laws and legislation of the United States Government and the State of California’s own laws, sexual harassment is designated under two distinct, yet similar, categories. The first of these is what’s known as a hostile work environment, between the victim and his or her fellow employees. The second category of sexual harassment is Manager to Employee Harassment, also known as Quid Pro Quo Harassment, and is filed as a tangible employer action. Although the former is important to know, the focus of this particular informative is to teach clients and victims about the latter form of sexual harassment. Manager-employee sexual bullying is among the most common methods of sexually harassing a company employee, specifically a subordinate under the supervision of a manager. This type of sexual harassment consists of many behaviors and actions, which can include but are not limited to unwanted, intentional, and inappropriate sexual physical contact such as groping, poking, grabbing, and even attempted sexual assault or rape, sexually suggestive comments and phrases about clothing, lifestyle, sexual orientation, and chief among them, demanding or soliciting sexual favors or actions in exchange for continued employment, delay of termination, or merited and unmerited promotion, along with many more. Any and all of these actions can be legally constituted as sexual harassment from a manager and general employment sexual discrimination, and as such, are illegal and punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

California Employee Harassment Rights

It is crucial to point out that discrimination from a manager in the workplace, according to discrimination laws, does not only occur to one gender, but is not gender, age or status specific. Not only can sexual harassment occur from any gender to another, but it also does not exclusively occur to one restricted workplace, but rather, it is considered sexual harassment anywhere in which the victim is sent to or sanctioned to be by the company, such as a company workshop, a training seminar, a hotel, a company retreat, and other locales such as these. Discrimination laws also do not require a specific time of day to operate under, merely that the act took place in the relative environment under the aforementioned circumstances.

Seek Restitution for Employee Harassment in the Workplace

If you or someone you know, such as a relative or close friend, has been sexually harassed by either a co-worker or a manager, then contact the legal team of professionals at the California Sexual Harassment Attorney Group immediately so that we can start to build a case against your attacker. Feel free to give us a call today at (888) 759-1274 and speak to one of our top legal advisors about your current situation, and we can tell you how to best proceed. Or, send us an email by clicking on this link, describing your incident while requesting a callback or an in-house appointment, and we’ll get back to you as humanly possible. When it comes to sexual harassment, don’t trust anyone else with defending your rights but the legal aces at the Sexual Harassment Attorney Group.