Workplace Physical Harassment Law and You

Like many laws today, there are several that aim to protect the worker in their workplace and professional environment from unlawful practices such as discrimination and harassment. When these laws are infringed upon and the rights of hard-working individuals are not respected, then the legal experts of the Sexual Harassment Attorney Group get to action right away to defend these unfortunate individuals. We have years of experience dealing with hundreds of cases that have to do with labor laws, specifically those of sexually physical harassment.

Physical Sexual Harassment at Work

If a company meets certain requirements, then they are legally obligated to provide work seminars that consist of harassment training for employees that list comprehensive details about this particular subject. Specific topics discussed are Quid Pro Quo Harassment, Hostile Work Environment Harassment, and various others, as well as the intricacies of verbal abuse and physical abuse. In many cases, a sexual harassment attorney or a workplace physical harassment lawyer will instruct employees in various facets of this type of indiscretion.

Among the most common types of sexual harassment is that of the physical kind. Workplace Harassment Law, sexually-speaking, provides for two different types of sexual harassment, that of Quid Pro Quo Harassment, and Hostile Work Environment. These two types of harassments both include physical abuse, and this abuse has a broad interpretation of what it is to physically harass someone. To begin with, physical sexual harassment is any unwanted physical contact between the victim and the offender. This can include a myriad of various actions, which include but are not limited to groping, pinching, poking, grabbing, any physical contact made to look “accidental” but really was intentional, kissing, licking, attempted rape, and rape itself, among many others. Any and all of these actions of a physically sexual nature are admissible grounds for sexual harassment in any courtroom. The law also does not specify what body part or parts can be sexually harassed, it only mentions that the person itself can be, which means that there are no restrictions to sexual harassment. Any contact of a sexual nature can occur anywhere on the body. Along with this provision, it also makes mention of unintentional or actual accidental contact, and in those cases, it is unlawful to prosecute those who have been in unwanted physical contact with the victim. Finally, sexual harassment is not restricted to a fellow employee or a specific place. Sexual offenders can be anyone that the victim comes into contact with on a daily or temporary basis in a professional capacity, like a boss, an invited guest or a seminar director. Sexual harassment can also occur in any officially-sanctioned location, like a retreat or another workplace.

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