Workplace Environments in the 21st Century

Even though much progress has been made for workplace safety and comfort, there are still incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace and workplace bullying. The legal team of lawyers and paralegals at Sexual Harassment Attorney Group have years of experience and hundreds of cases that deal with professional indiscretions such as these with the sensitivity and understanding that they need. Unfortunately, many companies provide ease in creating a hostile work environment, but that is against the law, and we are here to help victims of this hostile work environment sexual harassment.

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

Sexual Harassment Law in the United States and California both mention two types of sexual harassment: Tangible Employer Action and a Hostile Working Environment. Of the two, hostile work environment harassment is the most common type, and thus, is the most common one that makes it to the courts. Hostile work environment laws provide a wide spectrum of various factors in its definition, so as to not exclude any type of sexual harassment that is legal. A hostile work environment consists of sexually suggestive comments in the workplace, erotic or pornographic posters, messages, or e-mails, inappropriate or unwanted physical contact like groping, grabbing or poking, along with leering or suggestive glances that last too long, and many other various things of that nature. A good rule of thumb to determine whether something is considered sexual harassment is to ask yourself “Does this make me feel uncomfortable, and is it due to it being sexual or gender related in nature?” If the answer is yes to one or both of those things, then it is highly likely that you may have experienced sexual harassment. Another important concession labor laws make is that sexual harassment is not restricted to fellow employees, but can be inflicted upon the victim by any individual in the workplace that you come into contact with professionally, such as a mail deliverer, a workshop director or a guest speaker. The last thing to know about this sexual harassment is that it does not only occur exclusively in the victim’s workplace, but any location that has been approved or directed by the company, such as a company retreat, a workshop, etc.

Your Rights As A Victim

Once sexual harassment has been confirmed to have happened, you must go through all of the requisite corporate channels first as stated under California Law. Basically, you must inform your specific department or authority, and they will take things from there, and give the offender an opportunity to remedy the situation. If the harassment persists or has not been corrected, then you are allowed to file a civil suit in order to stop the offender from continuing the harassment and receive proper compensation for emotional, physical or punitive damages.

Seek The Justice You Deserve Today

If you or a co-worker have been sexually harassed in your professional environment or workplace, then contact the Sexual Harassment Attorney Group right away to talk about your possible legal options and start building your case immediately. Call our legal hotline at (888) 759-1274 in order to speak with one of our legal experts to discuss the details of your incident and explain the situation, legally-speaking. Or, send us an e-mail by clicking on this link to send the details of your harassment and a caseworker will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. With the Sexual Harassment Attorney Group helping you every step of the way during this difficult time, you are sure to receive the justice you deserve.